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Why Choose our Business System

1. The Timing Has Never Been Better:

  • More people everyday starts their own business.

  • Home based businesses are increasing dramatically due to all the benefits, low over head and convenience it offers.

  • More people are shopping on the Internet.

  • The health, wellness and longevity sales are booming and expected to keep on increasing.

  • Once it was an automatic turn down by banks and credit card companies for home businesses to get a merchant accounts to process credit cards, but now it is the other way around.

  • With today economy, it is wise to diversify your sources of income.

  • Ask yourself this question, "If you continue to do what you are you have been doing for the next 5 or 10 years without change, would you be satisfied, content and feeling secure about your finances or retirement?"

2. It Couldn't Be Easier: There are no special skills required to run your own distributorship business. There is no inventory to buy or store. You conduct business on your own time, when it is convenient for you. We give you the freedom to devote as much or as little time to your business as you want.

3. More Consumers today are looking for high-end scientific based natural health products: There are so many companies selling nutritional products, but more consumers are simply demanding the best products to put into their bodies. If you own a very expensive car you would not take it for an engine maintenance service to any shop and you don't use just the cheapest oil or filter. Our body is much more valuable than any car or house and it is the only body we have and ever will get in life.

4. The high market demand for health products: With today's emphasis on preventive health care and improving one's appearance stretching across all demographics, the market for our products is enormous and is rapidly growing. Research has shown that 68 percent of all U.S. households have used at least one vitamin or mineral supplement in the past year. Of those households, 59 percent have used four or more and 31 percent have used seven or more. In addition, beauty products accounted for $34 billion in sales last year. Each day, more individuals turn to the Internet to find information about their health, so your business will be well positioned in a growing market.

5. Anyone Can Do It:  Our associates come from all walks of life, as well as all income and skill levels. Our powerful tools level the playing field and allow individuals the opportunity to produce as much income as they want.

6. It's So Affordable: With low start-up costs to launch and, operating costs are minimal, so you'll have the opportunity to run a powerful company for a fraction of what it would cost to run a traditional business.

7. You will be in business for yourself and have support: We are interested in your success. You don't need to create every tool you need to succeed. We will help you along the way and provide you the tools you need to succeed.

8. You can have your business up and running in matter of days: You can quickly and easily own your own business and start marketing it without the large up front costs associated with traditional cross the street type stores.

9. You choose the affiliate plans that you like and upgrade at any time you want.

10. The effectiveness of our products: We are not interested in selling products for a one time business. Our philosophy is that the products we offer must make a positive impact so that satisfied customers would want to use them, re-order them and happily recommend them. The chance is high that you got to our site, because you were searching for the products we carry that you were recommended by someone you know and trust.

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Standard Merchant Account "Comes Complete similar to our storefront and we drop ship your customers products on your behalf"

For a mere setup cost of $25, and a monthly service fee at $14.95, you get a ready site for you to market and accept orders full of a large catalog we have prepared for you. You get to use your own domain, your contact information and we give you 3 email accounts. If you don't have a domain, you can purchase a domain through us another company and have it pointed to our server.

You simply set the price above your buy rate prices, condition, and availability on any product you have in stock. You can modify each product price and also you can apply a percentage on all prices. A Web-based wizard helps identify the product in question and submit the setting. All changes appear live on your site instantly.

You have options to specify the preferred payment and shipping options. Customer order will be forwarded to you via email, from which you can click to manage it, view the payment information, change the order status, or the shipping cost as it progresses. The shopping cart and order management backend is hosted on our fully fully Comodo Premium Wild Card Server 128 Bits SSL and triple-DES secured area.

Customers can pay you via your PayPal account & your own merchant account. Click Papal to open a free account. We also recommend that you open an ECHO or an NPC merchant account to process credit cards orders offline, phone orders and from customers who don't use PayPal. Our hosting company can help you to get the best deal for you from ECHO.

Finally, you  purchase the products from us at your buy rate prices and we drop ship your orders directly to your customers.
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Distributor Opportunity

We are offering you the opportunity to become an Independent distributor and able to purchase all the products at discount prices Unicity, the make life better company. As a distributor you can earn in many ways, as well as bonuses and earn on other distributors for several tiers. Your earning potential is unlimited. You have a choice to build your business online, off line and both at the same time, you will have our team to help you if and when you need our help. So, you are in business independently, but with our team's help and support.

To become an independent distributor, you need to purchase your Personal Business "Associate Kit". The starter kit is designed to give you all the information you need to start your Personal Business, buy & sell products, and begin to fulfill your dreams.

To find out more, please click on the Options Bellow & Please, don't hesitate to email us to help answer your questions.
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Referral Affiliate Account

We offer genuine rewards to affiliates who link to us. Simply follow the instructions on Link to Us, you will get paid 5% commission for every successful sale referred from you (Except products that are listed under "Popular Products" section). In fact, you can even use the Email Friend form below to start referring customers to us (Make sure "Your email" is the one you used to register the account with us).

Referral program is free to join (but verified by our system administrator). Both standard and premier merchants automatically become affiliates. As a merchant, we also pay back commissions to you if you bring customers to us, for the benefit of both parties.

Up-to-date report on referral sales is provided online for your convenience to track the performance for any period of time.

Click to sign up...


 using the email specified in the link(s). lick on Referral Tracking to track the progress.

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Security Measures:

Security Measures: Our Shopping cart and Backend management area are hosted on a fully SSL and triple-DES secured server. Your confidential information are automatically encrypted in transit from your computer to our server using the Comodo Elite Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Our Comodo Server ecommerce strength wild card 128 Bits SSL certificate carry a warranty, a customer in any of our secured areas, such as Clicking on "My Account" now your browser on the Right lower corner will be Displaying the SSL Secure Padlock and if you point your mouse on the lock, it will display SSL Secured (128 Bits). In addition when you are at "My Account" point your mouse on the site seal on top to verify. Most importantly, sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords are stored in Triple-DES encryption with randomly-generated and secret encryption key. This meets the requirements by merchant banks and recently imposed commercial laws in the US  so that even if a hacker was successful in breaking into the server, it would NOT be possible to get into the sensitive information.

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Frequent Buyer Points Reward Program
  1. Here is how it works: When you purchase from , you'll receive 1 Frequent Buyer point for every dollar you spend.
    i.e. You purchase an item worth $50, you'll receive 50 Frequent Buyer points in your account.

  2. How will you redeem your points: Every 25 Frequent Buyer points equals to $1. If an item worth $45 and you have 1000 Frequent Buyer points. You can buy this item at $5 together with 1000 Frequent Buyer points are redeemed. After you have chosen a product to purchase, in the shopping cart is an option to allocate an amount of Frequent Buyer points towards the purchase. It will also show the total amount of Frequent Buyer points that you have in your account. You may redeem part of your points or all at once and pay any difference in the price of an item.

  3. How can I check the amount of points I have?
    Login to "My Account", select "Account Information" option from the list box. It will display the total number of Frequent Buyer points in your account as well as you account number and order history.

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* All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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